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Absolutely perfect!

It was great :)

I quite liked how you gave the ponies an amazing edge. People calling them shameless etc... oh sorry I meant The Sole Single -ahem- single....Person that commented on it and loathed it even though no one really cared.... whatever. Anyway... Amazing flash and great voice acting! :) seriously!

I think all Bronies would approve :) wonder why Fluttershy didn't make an appearance? Think you can add her somewhere in your next work perhaps? :)

Quite liked it.

If you're ever thinking of making a sequel please.... cake joke.... Also some funny GLaDOS moments..... and no more portals out of people..... Apertures Portal Gun didn't allow anyone to do that so that guy shouldn't be that lucky :P

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I loved this game :) I would have rated it higher but it just felt like a little something was missing :( got 100% and saw the surprise.... It looks really good :) just please work on the jumping :P I love my jumps :D keep up the amazing work and storyline :)

On a scale of one to ten... It's too heavy for it.

I really do wish I could rate this higher. Not only is the game rather fun and addictive to play. But it gives us a sense of freedom in what we play and how we play it. I really get pissed off by annoying music in games but we are granted a freedom that allows us to use our own music that crafts the levels for us :) Well done. You have my full respect. I have never been this impressed with a game like this and after playing this game I feel no one could ever impress me more :)

... you are the greatest game creator ever!

I wish I could rate this with even more stars... this game was absolutely brilliant!!!!!! Hope there's a second one man :)
and I gotta agree with th guy below me's hard status.... truly awesome

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Dude, amazing picture! But I keep laughing when I look at his pants, first confusing them with either his ass facing us, or saggy boobs coming under his Obi XD

That is absolutely sexy! :) It really shows how hard work seriously pays off :) I hope I can do something to this extent one day :) Very very well done :)

Motter Gottes! That is beautiful! Did you do this with real glass? Or a painting in the stain glass style? Either way, I can see why it is your most popular work. It is extremely beautiful, keep up the amazing work :)

DeliciousOrange responds:

It was done using colored plastic pieces mounted onto frosted glass (actual stained glass was too expensive to work with).

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