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Absolutely perfect!

It was great :)

I quite liked how you gave the ponies an amazing edge. People calling them shameless etc... oh sorry I meant The Sole Single -ahem- single....Person that commented on it and loathed it even though no one really cared.... whatever. Anyway... Amazing flash and great voice acting! :) seriously!

I think all Bronies would approve :) wonder why Fluttershy didn't make an appearance? Think you can add her somewhere in your next work perhaps? :)

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Quite liked it.

If you're ever thinking of making a sequel please.... cake joke.... Also some funny GLaDOS moments..... and no more portals out of people..... Apertures Portal Gun didn't allow anyone to do that so that guy shouldn't be that lucky :P


I see myself as a game critic.... So let me describe this since it utilised a game.... First off. Halo Reach was good.... not the best but good.... Second off. WTF!? How does a movie like this receive 10/10? This is something you make when you're so bored, you smell the chlorophonated panties of a cheap tail-gunned prostitute.... I liked some of the Collaborative games.... But then again those were collaborative and the others probably didn't agree with his Boner and Pokemon sex scene ideas.


i agree with the chowder/spongebob theories its good and possibly better than those 2 shows i loved the fairy part especially when he told her he loved her :D

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this was great but...

how was kenpachi vs ichigo boring? that was good... but i understand how it cant compare to byakuya vs ichigo


you are one of the few who can take something and turn it into an original piece I loved it :) any possible chance you could do one on episode 12s opening "change"? Shadow would practically be perfect for Ulquiorra


ok... i'm extremely sorry but i "LOVE" (ulquiorra's judgement that it isn't real) -bleach especially Ulquiorra, Grimmjow (as name and picture shows) and Ogihci (hollow ichigo for the noobs). now i cant do flash so u got me there but Ulquiorra didn't even look sad (or like ulquiorra- he had cardboard box/square wings!!!!! O_O)... he looked like some lethargic baby that was messing around in his mother's make-up bag... Ichigo has apparently donned yet another hollow mask that Bleach has never made... I'm not sure if that was a tribute from u or something? coz his masked has never had just 2 lines in one area and when he eventually gets a mask similar to that one he only uses it on Aizen... Ulquiorra's cero oscuras was red for some arbitrary reason... for something called darkness cero or black cero i would have expected it to be... well black... and his mini lanza is meant to be green although originally blue... not yellow a combonation of the 2 that u created... now I'm not complaining...ok I am... but I'm just pointing out the errors so that you can better yourself and create better works so good luck :)

lol was good...

it was surprisingly good... this is actually important coming from me since i dont like naruto at all... (bleach!!!!) but i actually enjoyed it i kinda thought though that the frog hermit guy wouldve been more suitable to be stepped on since he and kon are apparently alike but it was absolutely brilliant fav part was where ichigo made a cameo :D please make more of these :) and if possible could u include byakuya or ulquiorra in odd little places here and there? :)


Hey even Ulquiorra could agree that this was not trashy in any way whatsoever! the stroyline was practically the same (not a con) but actually better.... I love Byakuya nearly to death and to see him like this made me nearly pee myself I actually widh he really was like that! :D Best bleach flash ever dude. Well done :)
PS I loved Kenpachi's Bankai in fact it was exactly what i thought it would be when he mentioned it i talk about him ending the entire soul society and now i've seen that I'm not the only one to have pondered that XD

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