Well I'm back... Finally...

2012-09-01 02:25:50 by Grimmjowned

Well hey guys. Many of you don't know me, but for those who do, I've given up on my flash dreams for now.... Instead I'll be uploading some of my artworks instead :)
Currently working on 2 projects. Maya from Borderlands 2 and a robotic version of her :D The robotic one looks pretty awesome.... But that's me sayin it.
Need to find a scanner that can fit A3 artworks and A2 as well... Damn.... That'll take forever.
I had another revelation though. In order to become popular in the art category, I might have to start drawing half naked, overly bodacious girls. Like The Shadling. Not dissing him at all. I like his animation style and a few of his works :) Maybe one day I'll be just as good.... Or his competition ;)
Well..... Best be getting posting :)

Here's a link for everyone.
Do it now...... O_O


2011-06-04 11:44:25 by Grimmjowned

I need to learn to do Flash... so... I... can... make a bleach spoof thing :D (must create legendary characters) I have designed them... but... yeah I need to learn flash :'(