Entry #1


2011-06-04 11:44:25 by Grimmjowned

I need to learn to do Flash... so... I... can... make a bleach spoof thing :D (must create legendary characters) I have designed them... but... yeah I need to learn flash :'(


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2011-06-17 01:51:49

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Grimmjowned responds:



2011-09-27 00:13:32

Just throwing it out there, flash isn't as simple as it looks, if you want to do an anime thing, you'll probably have to draw everything frame by frame, or use symbols. It's easy to learn, but very time consuming.

If you want to learn how to use it, though. I'd suggest using the flash tutorials on NG. That's what I did.


Grimmjowned responds:

Thanks for the link :) ahhhh time consuming I see..... I shall attempt it once I've finished my art prac... shouldn't take too long.